Our approach to working with clients

When planning and designing your building, we believe that communication is key to making sure that the end result is up to the standard and satisfaction that you expect. Experience has taught us at Multi Construction Services that communication is the key to a successful project ÔÇô ensuring all parties are happy with everything from the architectural plans, through to the construction of the building.

The consultation process

All architectural projects start with an idea. An idea to create more space, redesign the appearance of a building or add new features to a property. Experts in contemporary architectural design and planning, we can help to make the idea a reality.

A typical project for Multi Construction Services is maximising the space available, often in a city-based location with a number of local legislations to abide by. The consultation steps are always tailored to your exact needs, but the typical process can be found on the architectural plans page.

Local experience

In a service such as residential architecture, we believe that having a good feel of your location is important. Our typical residential architect projects are focused in the inner city  and we have therefore come to understand and acclimate to the unique aspects of this exciting and developing environment. Our designs adhere to the key requirements of Melbourne, maximising available building space and efficient, yet spatial layouts.

We also understand that an area has a rich heritage and particular style that makes the city so special. Our buildings are designed to fit seamlessly into this classic aesthetic while keeping in mind all of the practical aspects of modernity to accommodate a contemporary lifestyle.

Seasoned experts with an emphasis on communication

Multi Construction Services are made up of a team of expert and knowledgeable consultants, with skills ranging across the board, from planning to sketching, to structural design. We combine creative design work with a practical understanding of local planning schemes to make sure that every aspect of your building is up to the standards that our combined experience promises to deliver.